Maintaining The Blinds

Just like you want the windows to shine and look impressive, the clean blinds make space look elegant and impressive. They cover the windows but this does not mean that they do not need extra care and maintenance. Whether it is the blind with some fabric or with the metal or plastic it needs due care and maintenance. The blinds can make the rooms look great, well maintained, beautiful and cool. They can regulate the temperature and allow only the light that you need to move into the interiors. They are economical way of keeping the privacy of your interiors. With this extensive usage all through the time they start accumulating unwanted build-ups on their surface. It makes the blinds look dirty and pathetic. It might not hinder its functionality but still the overall appearance makes the things important. The cleaning and maintenance are not done by dealing with the individual slat but it can be done as a whole. Visit for curtains randwick.

Blinds do not need sophisticated equipment for maintenance. You can easily do the task by using the materials that are already available in the home. To start with you will need warm water and the usual dishwashing liquid. In order to sweep and clean the blinds, you will need a microfiber cloth or the duster and the vacuum cleaner.

It is important to understand that the cleaning process varies from the blind to the blind. Here we have separately added the details for cleaning and maintaining the roman blinds Marrickville made of the different materials.

The vinyl and wooden blinds

Unfold the blinds completely so that all the slats are before your eyes clearly. Once they are completely open it is possible to see through the slats properly.

Remove the dust covering the slats. You can do it with the duster or the compact vacuum cleaners that you use for the cars too.

Repeat the process thoroughly. You need to do it both from the front and the back.

Take a soft wet cloth to remove the stubborn stains. The wet cloth or duster is not appropriate for the wooden slats. A bend of the dishwashing liquid and warm water can be used to wipe away the greasy stains.

Once done check again thoroughly. If there is any sign of dust don’t just ignore it. Clean it so that the blinds look perfect.

The fabric blinds and shades

The process of cleaning the fabric blinds is not much different from the cleaning of the wooden or the metallic blinds. It all starts with preparing the shades for the cleaning. It is then followed by scrubbing the slats with a mixture of warm water and the dishwashing liquid. Dry them off and clean the dust that is left behind.