Overview On A Burst Pipe

A burst pipe is one of the most common problems faced and repairing the same can be a daunting task, especially if you have nil knowledge about it. But, if you understand the basics of what causes pipes to burst, you can avoid the problem sometimes. A water pipe when not protected often freezes in cold weathers. The water in its frozen form expands rapidly and if there is no room for expansion left in a pipe, it often splits. Well, the actual problem arises only when the ice thaws out once more. Some of the tips mentioned below will help to repair such common problems yourself, and also know when to call a professional to fix the issue.

Burst pipe & pipe lagging

Firstly, try to turn off the water as soon as you notice there is an issue. If the water quantity is less, it will dry out, but large quantities of water often lead to bigger damage. Try to figure out the stop cock’s location and turn it off immediately. The burst hole is mostly under the water flow so do a thorough search. Burst pipes can also be avoided when there is right lagging placed so ensure that the thickness of pipe insulation is of recommended size and thickness. You can consult a plumber for slip on couplers for a small split or a nail hole. The copper pipes are of specific lengths placed at each end. With the help of a pipe cutter, the damaged section of the pipe is cut.

Push fit repair

If the hole or burst is bigger than 2 inches, the section of pipe should be inserted. With the help of 2 small compression couplers, it can be fixed. The simplest way to repair a leaking pipe is through a push fit system which means cutting out the damaged section and pushing on the repair pipe on all ends. There are best of professionals who can resolve these issues in no time and they are just a call away. Replacement of hot water Woden and many other concerns are repaired effectively.

Compression joint

The compression joint should be checked and ensure that the fittings are not too tightly fixed as it may cause pipe squashing. As a result, the joints may begin to leak. These are some of the basics of burst pipe problems that one should be aware of to deal with it immediately rather than waiting for more damage to be caused. These are some of the basics one should be well versed with about burst pipes.