How To Pick The Perfect Colours For Your Restroom

Are you building a new house? Or perhaps you are renovating your old house. Either way the entire process is one that takes a lot of thought and careful planning, colours add a lot of vitality and character to your entire home. It is also one that will affect the mindset of you and your family. Intimate spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, restrooms and dining areas are places that need the correct colour and furnishings to make them come alive and to help imbue positivity into the minds and lives of the people using it. Nobody wants to have a shower in a washroom with black walls now do they? Here are some pointers to help you complement colours in restroom area.

Choose the correct colours
Most Canberra bathroom renovation follow a very minimal and abstract colour code. This is the new trend. It is also one that is aesthetically pleasing. Choose colours that bring in a lot of air and light and create the illusion of space even though the actual amount of space allocated might not be that much. One very good example of a colour that can do all of the above is white. However you do not need to do everything in pure white as that can have a harsh effect on the eye. There are colours that you can mix and match with white to get the same effect. Avoid dull and dark colours like dark grey, black, red, maroon, green and the likes. These will make the area look smaller and even give an effect of claustrophobia.

Create a contrasting effect
When you get your bathroom supplies and fittings, try to create a colour contrast with the colour code that you have selected for your walls and floor. For example, if your walls are white and the floor is tiled in black, all of your fittings can follow a chrome or wood colour to add a rustic or contemporary colour contrast. If the walls are a peach colour or coral and the floor is done in shades of the same colour add contrast with fittings of a deep maroon or burgundy shade. You can really have fun with it.

Create an art out of it
What if you did not have to stick to the traditional norms of painting the walls and tiling the floors with specific colours. Depending on the theme of your home, you can experiment with new ideas for the colours of your washroom. Perhaps you can have all three walls white and paint one wall a dark shade like a black, red, orange or blue. This will instantly add that right balance of light and dark and create a very abstract effect. Maybe you can even go ahead and do a full length painting on one wall, just make sure it is not anything creepy!