Reasons To Grow Your Own Crops

Reasons To Grow Your Own Crops

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You would have heard people like your science teacher asking you to grow your own vegetables. Fashion industry keeps coming up with unique gardening attires to encourage you in this activity. Here are few reasons why you should grow your own food rather than buying it from market.

Extremely delicious and safe

Home grown food tastes way better than the ones bought from grocery. This is due to number of reasons. Most of the gardeners know that home grown are more sun ripened and unlike the ones available outside they don’t travel long distance. Its rich in flavour and your kids will start liking to eat vegetables which is every parent’s dream. Apart from being tasty it is also healthy as it is not infused with harsh chemicals and is not contaminated with bacteria. Looking for a professional gardeners you can see this page for more information.

Fun activity to do with family

Gardening can be a fun activity where whole family helps each other and is likely to bond more. Before starting the gardening process you should get paving services from Toorak done to have a smooth base to grow your crops. It requires a lot of work such as weeding, fertilizing, and watering the plants so it’s a great way to lose weight and get some physical activity done.

Less wastage

As mentioned above home grown crops taste better so it is unlikely that you will throw it. Also people are likely to be more careful when they have to work for it. For example you will take less tomatoes because you know if you waste then you will have to wait longer till new ones grow. It is undoubtedly cheaper than buying vegetables from farmers or other organic markets. Setting up the gardening base could be expensive initially but after that it costs very little to grow your own food.

Apart from these there are many other reasons as to why one should start gardening. The conditions under which farmers grow their crops aren’t very healthy. It is usually contaminated with bacteria and has a lot of harsh fertilizers in it which is bad for human body. Growing your own vegetables is not just good for your body but also for your soul. Also it saves a lot of energy because according to a recent study farmer’s use most energy compared to any other industries. So by growing your food you can try to reduce that and have a sustainable environment for future generations. Lastly doing gardening all by yourself and feeding your family nothing but organic food gives one a sense of pride. Also it is a great way to engage your kids in some sort of physical activity and teaching them the importance of home grown food!