Month: July 2017

Month: July 2017

Category : Renovation & Design

So are you wondering how to keep the house tidy always? Well, take it from a mum of three boys I thought a neat house for a mum boys was just only a dream far far way. But one fine day, I got reading on the internet about how to keep my house clean despite my little monsters. And there were some tips. Some tips that actually worked! And now I plan on sharing those excellent tips with you!


You need to first and foremost instruct and give them information about how they should behave when keeping the house neat and tidy always with the right piece of furniture. Giving them the required information will make them understand what is expected of each and every one of them. By knowing what is expected of them, they will be able to do what they are asked to do. It always best to keep them informed of all the house rules. Make sure that you give them all the rules and tell them that you expect them to follow each and every rule of that.

Practice What You Preach

This is the most vital factor. As we know children copy their elders in almost anything. The way we behave and how we react to certain actions are always being observed by them. Which is why it is very important that we follow all the house rules that we have set. Only if you follow the rules will the kids follow the rules. If you expect the kids to sit in a bench seat in Melbourne, you should ensure that all of them kids sit on it. Any rule in the household should be common to all.

Punish / Reward
You should also make it a point to reward good behavior and punish bad. Here too the reward or punishment should be based on the severity of the action. When you punish / reward them they tend to follow the rules. If the kids are expected to keep their school bags after school on the side tables, those who do it should be given a reward. By punishing them you are ensuring that they won’t repeat the same action in the future.

Involve the KidsIf you want to keep your home neat and tidy, you will have to involve the kids. Even though the kids cannot actually finish the cleaning job very well, when you delegate them with some work they will be more than happy to do it for you. Because they see it as kind of recognition and a source of respect to them from us.

Be sure try these tips with your kids too and see if they work!

Month: July 2017

Category : Home Improvements

Painting is definitely a beauty that comes in different forms. It could be in an abstract form, a traditional form or even in a fabric form. Each piece is beautiful on its own. What gives any painting a value is the artist that creates this amazing piece of work. Most artists having now started the trend of being their own person by not only creating the work but by also marketing it in a place or space of their own. However the artist should also be capable of marketing his product as well. In this case the artist performs two roles one of which is an artist and the other a negotiating businessman. If marketed well, your product could be sold in no time! Here are some pointers you could use to perform well in both roles;

Communication is key

Most common form of marketing today is, online. The current trends of the field have also adjusted to this form a lot when compared to the previous ways and means of how deals were made in the field. Artists too have gotten into the trend of marketing their product online with the help of many popular websites and social media groups. Although most artists are somewhat bound to selling their products only to the specific studio they choose, it would be beneficial if the artist draws up clauses and agreements with the studio beforehand in order to market his product on his own as well. He could set things in a manner where not only does he market his work but also attracts sales towards the studio. For example he could market other unique pieces online and mention about their availability only in the studio, thus directing the client to the studio. With the help of art removal service, the client would not only get his product but also be opened to other pieces available on display in the studio. Thus creating the possibility for directing other interested parties towards the studio in future.

Drawing clauses and rules

While it is obviously a great thing that some galleries want you to be their exclusive artist and expect your pieces to be sold in that particular studio only, considering the studio and the location of it is important in order to secure your standards and potential opportunities. Being an exclusive artist for a famous studio in a good location with art hanging systems in Sydney and other facilities is a positive, but if it weren’t, then it would be affecting your career as an artist thus limiting your chances to grow further. So discuss beforehand with the studio and set certain conditions. If you have an idea of marketing your work online, then mention it to them beforehand. But be sure to not have price differences between what is sold in the studio and online. If you are discounting and selling pieces, still make sure there isn’t a big gap between the two. You need to show your loyalty and gratefulness to the studio, so make sure to avoid things that might jeopardize the studio and its sales.

Being know online is an important thing nowadays. Because it is the first place anyone would go to find someone or someplace. Create a blog or social media page and advertise yourself and your studio. This way you and your studio are benefiting from each other. Be faithful and honest in whatever you do and you’d be able to succeed in no time! 

Month: July 2017

Category : Renovation & Design

Are you building a new house? Or perhaps you are renovating your old house. Either way the entire process is one that takes a lot of thought and careful planning, colours add a lot of vitality and character to your entire home. It is also one that will affect the mindset of you and your family. Intimate spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, restrooms and dining areas are places that need the correct colour and furnishings to make them come alive and to help imbue positivity into the minds and lives of the people using it. Nobody wants to have a shower in a washroom with black walls now do they? Here are some pointers to help you complement colours in restroom area.

Choose the correct colours
Most Canberra bathroom renovation follow a very minimal and abstract colour code. This is the new trend. It is also one that is aesthetically pleasing. Choose colours that bring in a lot of air and light and create the illusion of space even though the actual amount of space allocated might not be that much. One very good example of a colour that can do all of the above is white. However you do not need to do everything in pure white as that can have a harsh effect on the eye. There are colours that you can mix and match with white to get the same effect. Avoid dull and dark colours like dark grey, black, red, maroon, green and the likes. These will make the area look smaller and even give an effect of claustrophobia.

Create a contrasting effect
When you get your bathroom supplies and fittings, try to create a colour contrast with the colour code that you have selected for your walls and floor. For example, if your walls are white and the floor is tiled in black, all of your fittings can follow a chrome or wood colour to add a rustic or contemporary colour contrast. If the walls are a peach colour or coral and the floor is done in shades of the same colour add contrast with fittings of a deep maroon or burgundy shade. You can really have fun with it.

Create an art out of it
What if you did not have to stick to the traditional norms of painting the walls and tiling the floors with specific colours. Depending on the theme of your home, you can experiment with new ideas for the colours of your washroom. Perhaps you can have all three walls white and paint one wall a dark shade like a black, red, orange or blue. This will instantly add that right balance of light and dark and create a very abstract effect. Maybe you can even go ahead and do a full length painting on one wall, just make sure it is not anything creepy!

Month: July 2017

Category : Home Improvements

 Electronic door locks can be installed in an easy way. You can keep your expensive valuables in a home’s room, but that room’s door must have a digital lock, so that any person and even burglars cannot go inside it without your permission. 

Things to be known – Ordinary door locks have normal keys and an intruder can make the duplicate keys too without your knowledge. These digital door locks are far better than the ordinary locks. In many schools, cloth stores, banks, museums and jewellery shops digital locks are used. As an owner of your office or bank or even a home, it’s your responsibility to see that whether the digital locks on the door are rightly installed or not. You must hire a well-known professional to install these Z wave smart home products. Make sure that the professional is skilled, knowledgeable and have years of experience. Moreover, there is no need of extra hardware. You can install it even you have a tight budget. 

Beneficial – these electronic door locks are beneficial in many ways. It is easy to alter the codes of electronic door locks after each year, so that nobody can guess the code and ruin your significant documents, costly materials, files and so on. You may have to change the ordinary locks if your school’s staff is changed. But, it won’t happen in case of electronic door locks. It is a fact that when you will alter the security codes, your retired professors, staff members and even old students will be unable to open the door’s digital lock. If you have kept a care taker for your little baby, then you have to tell her the security code. But, after her departure you must change the security code immediately. 

More info – There are various types of electronic door locks that are present in the market. An ordinary person will not be able to select the best electronic door lock. However, a reputable locksmith can give you suggestions. You must hire a skilled locksmith only. In some of the electronic door locks, a key feature is present. It seems like an added bonus. This key feature is good for the home owners as they don’t have to type the security code while entering the home. The care taker or any tenants of your home can enter by typing the code. Old people can use the key and they don’t have to remember the difficult codes always. You can install it on the external doors too. It is quite easy to install it on a door created by timber.